Keep These People in Your Prayers!

PRAYER REQUESTS: Prayer Requests may be submitted by email (The Email Prayer Chain or Pastor Bragdon) telephone (903-758-2019), or the paper Prayer Request/Update forms. After two weeks, unless the request is renewed, the prayer request will be removed from the Prayer List.


NEW PRAYER REQUESTS: None, thank the Lord.


CONTINUING PRAYERS: Anonymous Friend (Angela Sampson) – diagnosed with breast cancer, seeking guidance on treatment options (10/25); Eric Rapp (Sharon Sampson’s sister's grandson) – healed from COVID-19 with no ongoing issues (10/25); Fran Uhlir – receiving chemotherapy once a week here in Longview (10/18); Jackie Rausch – doing better, released to home on Thursday (10/25); J.J. Walls (Evelyn Pisano’s son) – diagnosed with throat cancer, doing better and back at work, having tests to determine progress (10/25); Joyce Schadler (Carl and Jackie Rausch) – Joyce is the wife of Pastor Cliff Schadler, the pastor of Toledo Bend Baptist Church, Joyce needs a heart transplant, and is having trouble getting insurance approval (10/18); Kynan & Jayanna Laird (friends of Steven & Angela Sampson) – will be having an ablation procedure on his liver (10/25); Larry Rhodes (friend of Paul & Donna Kangas) – bacterial infection is gone but did damage to artificial valve that will now have to be replaced through open heart surgery (10/18); Louis Sistek – his heel is healing, most of the infection is under control, still several issues that he is dealing with (10/25); Mark Herrington, (Vicki Walker's brother-in-law) – removed from life support on Thursday (10/25); Naomi Kraus (Georgette Bragdon’s sister-in-law) – having intense chemotherapy treatments, once every three weeks (10/25); Pat DeSain – now home with hospice care, hoping to be able to return to playing the organ for our services (10/25); Reverend Sig Kunz – continued prayers for recovery (10/18); Rhonda Stephens – prayers of thanksgiving that doctor's visit and lab results were encouraging (10/25); Stacey Meadows (friend of the Bragdon’s) – is recuperating at home from a leg amputation as a result of severe diabetes (10/18); Student (Paula Hjorth) – diagnosed with COVID-19, was able to come home, still very weak, father has now been diagnosed with it. (10/25); Vern Lindenmuth – went to Dallas this week, received fluids, and no treatment, now on second round of antibiotics for his infection, had a CT, will get results next Monday (10/25); Wayne Nolen – had remaining heart stents put in 10/22 (10/25).


SOW THE WORD: that God would bless our members with opportunities and courage to give away our Gospel of John booklets.


SEEKING EMPLOYMENT: Beau Reinhart, Darlene Saylor, Ross Land.




OUR ADOPT-A-STUDENT: Kendall Davis is in his final year at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.


SHUT-INS: Herta Boigk, Julia Gustafson, Jayne Hensen, Louis Jaynes, Rose Tyson.




ALL CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES/PASTORS: Luther Brockman and family (missionary teacher in Saudi Arabia); Pastor Chuchu (Kenya), Rev. Dr. Charles & Connie Cortright (missionary educators in Latvia); Pastor Karim Baidaoui (Disciples Of the Way [DOW]).