Board Activities

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders assists the Pastor in matters of public worship and spiritual welfare of the Congregation. They also are involved in matters of the worship service, communion attendance, brotherly admonition and church discipline. 

of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the buildings, grounds, and systems at Our Redeemer. This includes diverse activities as air conditioning and heating, electrical power and equipment, plumbing, lawn and garden maintenance, sprinkler systems, painting, on. The Board relies on help from members of the Trustee board, congregation volunteers, and outside contractors. A few of our activities are shown below. 

Doug Coughlin power washing the sidewalk

Stan Waldo raking leaves, I think?

Removing vines and overgrowth from trees.

Raymond Scribner mowing overgrowth

Pastor Bragdon mowing the playground

Helena raking leaves. 

Improved Judson Road sign and garden

Old Sprinkler #2 Wiring

New sprinkler #2 wiring

 Ann Teegarden trimming bushes

Gared and Liam driving wheelbarrows.

Old sprinkler system #1

New sprinkler system #1

Board of Education

The Board of Education is responsible for and assists the Pastor in a program of continuing Christian education. They organize programs of Sunday School, Bible Classes, Vacation Bible School, Youth Groups and any other agency authorized by the Voter's Assembly. They call and supervise Sunday School teachers.

Board of Stewardship

The Board of Stewardship maintains a high level on congregational stewardship of time, Talent, and treasure. Toward that end, it devises and maintains continuing programs of inspiration and education.

Board of Evangelism

The Board of Evangelism directs the local programs of the Congregation and promotes personal evangelism among members. It explores and alerts the Congregation to local evangelism opportunities and establishes a systematic method by which the Congregation may explore these opportunities. It supervises Christian publicity programs.

Blankets of Love

The Blankets of Love program, which makes and distributes blankets to shut-ins, people in the hospital, and others in need, is a very good example of what the Board of Evangelism does. The blankets are made by hand by volunteers, as shown below.

and presented to the needy recipient wherever they may be.

Bert, Carol, and Marcella with Ethel Kovar

Gregg County Fair